19 December 2015 was “Forty in eleven-day”


Posted by Bert VAN MANEN on December 20, 2015
19 December 2015 was "Forty in eleven-day"
© Kozoom This is what 20 months without a World Cup win looks like

Both Ronny Lindemann and Adrie Demming are seasoned 3-cushion players, and there is no need to explain to them that Frédéric Caudron operates on a different level. But still, the day (19 December) belonged not only to the winner of the Hurghada World Cup. The 35-year old German and the 46-year old Dutchman had a share of it, as they matched Caudron’s brilliant performance of 40 points in 11 innings.

Demming plays his Dutch league matches for De Distel in Roosendaal, and he beat his opponent John Roovers 40-10 in 11, with a high run of 9. Lindemann plays a division lower even, for Didden Distributie in Uden. He beat his opponent Alex ter Weele 40-12 in 11, helped by a run of 20. That means that on 19 December 2015, three players won a match to 40 points in 11 innings. Certainly, that has never happened before in the history of our game.

Lindemann is easily in the top ten of German players, although he is not having a good season so far in the Bundesliga, for his club BC Witten. His best finish in the German Nationals was a third place in 2012, in Bad Wildungen. He finished 7th and 8th in the 2014 and 2015 German Masters in Herten. He is no stranger to high runs, because earlier this season he recorded a 40 in 18 inning match (2.222) with a high run of 18.

Demming demonstrated a good sense of humor recently, when he claimed on Facebook to “have played the shortest match in the GP in Capelle”. He was actually beaten 9-40 in 9 innings by Jaspers. His best finishes in the Dutch Masters were 12th, 14th and 16th, so he is one of the second-echelon players who can do serious damage, on a good day.

There is very little to tell you about Frédéric Caudron you don’t already know. Lindemann and Demming both played their first match over 3.000 average today, Caudron has done that more than a hundred times already. His personal best to 40 pts is 6 innings (twice), which is a share of the world record.

Lindemann: 40 in 11
Caudron 2015
Caudron: 40 in 11
Demming: 40 in 11