Posted by George Sakkas on facebook
September 11, 2021
some 20+ years ago, in a brake of a tournament, a couple of world class… crocodiles (from right to left),
together with some Latin American maestros and me, the ….ambassador of Mediterranean Billiards(!), having a great time…
QUIZ: Who entertains this…. unusual company?
What was the title of the Tournament?

The answer in less than 24 hours!
So, ROBERTO ROJAS the showman, with the incredible abilities in artistic billiards is the….. entertainer of this unusual company!
First time I met him in 1999 in Las Vegas, together with Nick Polychronopoulos, we expressed him our admiration, and he invited us in a large billiards hall, owned by a Mexican compatriot of his, in order to watch his show….
You understand, in the beginning I was surprised, later I was shocked, and by the end my jaw stayed down to the floor!!!
But now in Tlaxacala-Mexico the shock was double, since the two most famous showmen in the world were in the same room, and l was blessed to be there!!!
ROBERTO ROJAS, SEMIH SAYGUNER in the presence of FREDERICK CAUDRON the World Champion in any carom discipline, and a large group of Latin American stars!!!
The organizer was the well known internationally JESUS UMBERTO GALLEGOS…
The title of the tournament ,and also the name of the Billiard club was dedicated to a myth, a legent of Mexican Billiards, the World’s Professional Champion JOE CHAMACO for whom mrGallegos wrote and published a wonderful book lately…
The President of the Association Estatal MANUEL LIMA GONZALEZ was rewarded and also he offered the trophies to the winners Sayguner, Caudron and Sakkas as third…