Nice memories from World Cup in Athens-Greece

Posted by George Sakkas on facebook
December 2, 2021

Nice memories from one more successful
CEB/UMB World Cup in Athens-Greece, organized by the municipality of Vyronas.
A lot of Greeks were proud for their assistance those days…especially the board members of the Greek Federation…
Lazy days for me… We just had to carry and fit six of our tables in a basketball arena, something that we did more than 100 times between 1990 and 2014!
Hard to imagine, but today’s big boss of International Billiards, Mr.Farouk Barki, was just taking care of the administration of that championship….
Times change…
A photo from the semi-final
between T. Blomdahl and F. Caudron.
Next day, Semih Sayginer was the winner of the final game…